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The Best Underground Wire Locator Reviews

When you’re building anything, there’s always the risk of running into utility lines. In fact, there are over 20 million miles of underground utility cables in the country. Using the right underground cable locators makes construction a lot easier. That way, you’ll never have to worry about cutting a wire unnecessarily. So, we’ve put together […]

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What is the best wire locator?

Whenever site workers carry out an excavation, it inevitably brings them to close range with underground utilities such as water, telecommunications, gas, and electricity. Therefore, it is vital that you consider the specific locations of all the buried utilities before the excavation process and during. If you want to avoid utility strikes, it would be […]

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What is the level best grader?

A laser level is one of the most valuable tools you need in the construction industry and surveying. It helps you achieve the best accuracy and precision when laying out stair rails, hanging pictures, installing doors and drop ceilings, and any other construction applications that require accurate leveling. Read on to learn more about level […]

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What is the best Leica robotic total station?

Many people wonder what the best Leica robotic station is. The question of which one to buy can be difficult, as many models and brands are available. With so much choice, it’s hard to know where to start. First things first, what is the Leica robotic total station? This is a surveying instrument used to […]

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Fall has Arrived in Iowa

Fall in Iowa is special. The trees begin their fall change of color and brighten up the landscape. The air is crisp and the days begin to get shorter. It is the time of year when farmers harvest their crops and you will see ag equipment on the roads and in the fields. For contractors, […]

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The Next Big Wave for Contractors: Leica Utility Locators – A new way to save time, money AND increase efficiency

The Leica DD130 Utility Locator is known for its ease of use and has become the go-to locator in the construction and utility detection industry! How many times have you been on a private property project and after the fact your customer tells you, “Oh yea, I forgot to tell you there is a gas line […]

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Derecho Across the Midwest

Sometimes we go through our days and weeks and it becomes a routine and we don’t realize how the time goes by.  The last couple of weeks in the Cedar Rapids / Marion area have been anything but routine.  On August 10th, a Derecho tore through our area and the destruction left behind  has been […]

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Leica Geosystems CLX900 Dual Grade Laser System ON SALE NOW!

The Leica Rugby CLX900 Dual Slope laser is the absolute best. The Leica Rugby CLX900 Dual Slope laser is the absolute most Boss laser ever developed.   Do you need 20+ rps for automatic machine control . . . Boom, the CLX900 is your choice!  How would you like infrared beam output for maximum 3000’ coverage […]

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CB25 Spectra Precision Control Box

The CB25 Spectra Precision Control Box is the standard in the industry for proportional single  Automatic laser control.  It is used to laser automate tile plows, box blades, trenchers, and other equipment to control an elevation cylinder.  A brief history on the CB25 is that Apache Technologies developed the CB26 Control Box and they were […]

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Beware the Ides of March

“Beware the Ides of March” were twice spoken to Julies Caesar in Shakespeare’s play. The Ides of March is March 15th and the words rang true, as Julius Caesar was killed that day. Since that time, the Ides of March is considered unlucky, or a portent of doom!! Another significant event in history on March […]

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