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What is a Robotic Total Station?

A Robotic Total Station is a remote electronic and optical instrument used in surveying and building construction. Compared to the traditional total station, the robotic total station allows a remote operation, meaning you will only need one operator to perform calculations and inspections in a far less time and more accurately than a traditional one. […]

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Components, Functions & Advantages of Total Station Survey

Total Station is the equipment used in surveying, designed to measure vertical and vertical angles, which include measuring the sloping distance of the object to the instrument. It combines electromagnetic distance measuring (EDM) and electronic theodolite instruments. Furthermore, it also consists of a microprocessor with a memory unit that deals with the fundamental calculation, readings, […]

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Common Methods Used in Underground Utility Locator

Before construction can be done on the property, the area has to be surveyed using an underground utility locator to ensure its safety to start digging. There are methods that companies use in locating underground utilities.  Moreover, when starting an excavating project or new building, it is essential to detect any underground utility mapping before […]

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Safety Practices of Underground Utility Locator During Utility Location

Working outdoors and using an underground utility locator is prone to many safety hazards. It holds especially true for projects like utility locating or excavation work. Digging up the ground where underground pipes, cables, and lines present many natural and manufactured dangers. Moreover, it is important to observe the utmost precaution to ensure everyone's safety […]

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Working Knowledge of a Total Station

Have you been on a worksite where the engineer only used theodolite or transit to check grades for the total station? It takes them long to calculate an elevation, set up, measure the point and find their benchmark that you might send the crew home when it takes so long. These days, most engineers use […]

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How Does the iDig ExcaVision Process Work?

There's a lot of work behind the scenes of iDig Excavision before starting building when it comes to construction. One of the construction process's essential stages and the first step is using excavation. It isn't always easy, and it's not a particularly inexpensive step in the process, but it's vitally essential. Excavation is important for […]

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What is the Underground Utility Locator for?

The use of an underground utility locator tool aids in the correct location of underground wire paths. It also determines the precise depth of the buried wires. There are two pieces to an underground wire locator: a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter is an AC generator that sends the signal current to the buried […]

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2D System: The Benefits of Futtura iDig Guidance and Control Systems

When it comes to Futtura iDig guidance and control technologies, most people think of large site and road-building projects. But it’s not only for large dirt-moving applications. Whether it’s foundation work, flatwork prep, trenching, or underwater dredging, a 2D precision solution can have an impact on a contractor’s bottom line. The iDig control system has […]

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What You Need to Know About Total Station

The total station is electronic/optical equipment that uses discrete points to sketch a building accurately. By greatly simplifying the construction layout process, total stations boost productivity and accuracy. It's a cutting-edge surveying tool that combines an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter. A theodolite is a device that measures angles in horizontal and vertical […]

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Misconceptions about Underground Utility Locator

Underground utility locators are infrastructures to provide subsurface services to people. They are commonly built by public utility companies but installed as private utilities by property owners. For that reason, public utilities come in the form of cables and pipes which transport from water to your internet connection. This depends on the location and locator […]

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