2D System: The Benefits of Futtura iDig Guidance and Control Systems

When it comes to Futtura iDig guidance and control technologies, most people think of large site and road-building projects. But it’s not only for large dirt-moving applications. Whether it’s foundation work, flatwork prep, trenching, or underwater dredging, a 2D precision solution can have an impact on a contractor’s bottom line.

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The iDig control system has no cables, is simple to install, and easy to move from one machine to another. For that reason, a worker must always know its bucket depth for easy installation, use, and operation since there is no longer than a two-person job. Moreover, by knowing how it works, a worker can set a teeth laser on the reference point and push a button on the screen. Afterward, follow the LED lights or depth indicator on the screen.

Quick Review of Futtura iDig Product

When discussing Futtura iDig guidance or control, first, it is important to understand that 2D systems can involve different operational considerations and setups.

Here is a quick review of 2D systems for Futtura iDig.

  • 2D Grading Systems

It is a system that includes laser and physical benchmarks. Laser benchmark is used to indicate and re-bench accuracy in cuts. With that being said, a tripod-mounted laser works with an arm or stick receiver as a benchmark reference during operation. In contrast, a physical benchmark is moved whenever an operator can use a landmark as a reference point during operation. An example of this is a curb or reference station. After the machine is moved, the operator will re-benches on the closest position and begins digging

  • Cost- Savings and Improved Safety

2D systems reduce the need for surveyors and grade-checkers on the ground near heavy equipment. It is where it creates a safer job site environment. Furthermore, when digging a trench, it is required to have a grade-checker present on the ground. This will regularly check that the trench is being dug to spec. Also, while they require an initial cash outlay, the cost can be as little as one job when considering the cost savings.

  • Maximizing the Machine ROI and Utilization

Getting the right grade the first time eliminates the need for costly re-work, reducing machine wear and fuel consumption. But, utilizing a Futtura iDig will help contractors dig to the plan more accurately, allowing them to easily predict fuel and consumable costs. For that reason, it will maximize machine utilization and ROI.

Their level of accuracy also helps fleet managers tasked with managing equipment across consecutive and multiple concurrent jobs.

  • Training Time is Minimal

Futtura iDig guidance and control systems substantially lower the learning curve, allowing inexperienced operators to produce quality work. Most of them come equipped with various intuitive features: LCD graphic displays, function keys, audio tone indicators, and easy-to-use calibration functions. All of them allow operators to learn the system and gain proficiency quickly.

  • Mass Excavation 

Most contractors don’t often connect precision with mass excavation applications. They’re focused on moving dirt quickly before worrying about the finished grade at a later date. However, an excavator equipped with a 2D machine guidance system can allow that operator to dig at full speed. That means it will avoid over-excavation by getting the terrain as close to the final grade as possible.

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