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Rotary Laser Levels and Variations

A rotating laser level is a tool that rapidly spins a light beam to generate a 360-degree horizontal or vertical plane. They can be utilized domestically for fit-out projects or externally for groundworks – i.e., excavating down or building up – with the help of a laser receiver and crew. Indoors, rotary laser levels send […]

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The Best Underground Wire Locator: Detailed Buyer’s Guide

The rule of thumb: “Call before you dig” probably pertains to anyone who does any outdoor work. Getting your property marked with utility wires can be done by calling ahead. So far, so good. The question is, what do you do if you want to find your wires? Utility companies typically do not have any […]

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Best Underground Utility Locator Equipment Supplier

Locating underground utilities is one of the most important aspects of any construction project. According to Baseline Equipment, having access to good-quality utility locator equipment means that your projects can get completed quickly and safely. Underground locators are a major investment for any size of the project. The choice of equipment made affects the project […]

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5 of the Best Topcon Laser Levels

When choosing a quality laser level, there is no better brand than Topcon. This company has been manufacturing top-of-the-line laser levels for years, and they continue to set the standard for excellence. If you are in the market for a new laser level, take a look at these five amazing Topcon laser level models. 1. […]

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Surveying with Total Station – Operation, Uses and Advantages

Surveying with total station can make your entire job a whole lot easier. That’s why we’ve got so many options available for all our customers interested in them. Get one for your project, so you can speed up your surveyors today. What Is a Total Station? Our collection of Leica Total Stations collects data whenever […]

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What You Need to Know About Utility Locators

Utility locators are a specialized type of construction professional that is responsible for locating and marking underground utility lines before excavation begins. Utility locators work with the use of various high-tech instruments such as ground-penetrating radar, magnetic induction loop detectors, and cable tracers to find these utilities What are underground cable utility locators? The equipment […]

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Total Station Survey Equipment – Top Picks 2022

Total Station Survey Equipment are surveying instruments used to take measurements and calculate distances, heights, angles, and map coordinates. The survey equipment market has been growing with the high demand for accurate construction data in recent years. There are many kinds of total stations available on the market today with different features and price ranges. […]

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How to Pick A High-Quality Self Leveling Laser Level

You don’t necessarily have to be a trade professional to use a laser level around your home. Nowadays, levels have come a long way with the advanced technology available for construction projects. A self leveling laser level feature allows builders to level two points even if they are not in proximity to each other, there […]

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How to Pick A High-Quality Construction Lasers

Examining Construction Lasers – Explaining the Features of Construction Lasers and Utilizing the Products Before you purchase construction lasers, you can evaluate horizontal lasers, rotary level lasers, automatic lasers and manual products. You could also purchase lasers that emit double beams, and these products can provide vertical lasers and horizontal lasers. During the last 20 […]

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Surveying With Total Station

With advancements in technology, the construction industry has been anything but left behind. Technology has played a major role in redefining technology over the years, and this has come at the benefit of both practitioners or construction and their clients. Keeping up to date with construction technologies, either new releases or upgrades of old technologies, […]

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