February 24, 2022

The Best Underground Wire Locator: Detailed Buyer’s Guide

The rule of thumb: “Call before you dig” probably pertains to anyone who does any outdoor work. Getting your property marked with utility wires can be done by calling ahead. So far, so good. The question is, what do you do if you want to find your wires? Utility companies typically do not have any information on where these are located. You may run into problems with this, not just if you’re digging a pool or garden bed. Also, you may not find the wire to fix it. What should you do?

Underground wire locators are the best solution. Locating underground wires efficiently is one of the advantages of underground wire locators. In recent years, underground utilities have become more numerous and diverse. Furthermore, this has increased the probability of finding a wide range of electric transmission objects at the site you will excavate. By finding the best underground electrical wire locator, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort by determining the path, the measurement, and the depth of the invisible wires simply and quickly.

Today, we will discuss the best underground wire locator – The Leica DD 230 SMART Utility Locators Solution. For the best all-around choice, this is the right solution. Let’s get going!

The best underground wire locator
The Best Underground Wire Locator: Detailed Buyer’s Guide 2

What is an Underground Wire Locator?

Locating underground wires is easier with an underground wire locator instrument. The device also measures the depth of underground wires that can’t be seen. A wire locator consists of two parts – a transmitter and a receiver. In cable tracing, a transmitter is a device that sends the signal current to the underground cable to be traced. Signals are typically transmitted at a predetermined frequency by the transmitter.

The locator operator can follow the traced cable by tracking the direction of the signal emanating from the transmitter. The receiver then picks up the electrical signal from the traced cable so the operator can track the direction of the signal.

Which is the Best Underground Wire Locator?

The Leica DD 230 SMART Utility Locators Solution is the only product available that provides the complete detection solution portfolio for utility professionals and everyone breaking ground. The most accurate results are provided by industry-leading digital signal processing. A wire-free connection to field controllers and mobile devices is provided by the DD220/230 SMART locators, which feature the latest Bluetooth technology. This is the best underground wire locators due to its productivity and efficiency.

How To Use Underground Wire Locators?

It is important to understand how an underground wire locator works. Utilizing Leica’s underground wire locators effectively will be easier with this course. As a result, you will be better able to locate targets, determine targets’ depths, and compute tracing distances. Wire and pipe underground locations can be accomplished in two ways.

The first is active locating, in which a transmitter induces an electric current through the piper cable. Using a receiver, the current field can be detected. There is also the passive locating method, in which the receiver identifies a field of current that is already circulating on the cable. This method does not require a transmitter. Electrical conductivity is required for both methods. Metal is therefore required.

Wrap Up

It is extremely important that you purchase the right wire locating equipment for your specific needs, whether you’re a contractor, utility company, or another user. Knowing which is the best underground wire locator to buy can confuse the wide selection of devices available today.

As a solution, in Quinn Equipment, our locators range from low-cost to high-end so that you can get the best deal on top-rated equipment. If you need any assistance with rotary levels or utility locating tools, the Quinn Equipment team is always happy to assist. Along with laser-level tripods, machine control boxes, grade rods, optical instruments, and more, we also sell essential construction tools. Browse Quinn Equipment’s online store now.



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