March 10, 2022

What is an Underground Pipe Locator used for?

The use of an underground pipe locator aids in the correct location of underground wire paths. It also determines the precise depth of the buried wires. There are two pieces to an underground wire locator: a transmitter and a receiver. A transmitter is an AC generator that sends the signal current to the buried cable to be traced. The signal is usually set at a specific frequency by the transmitter.

The locator operator can monitor the direction of the signal and follow the located cable because the transmitter sends an electrical signal to the traced cable, which is picked up by the receiver. Underground pipe locators are available in a variety of models. Look no further if you’re looking for the greatest underground wire locator.

Underground utility locator
What Is An Underground Pipe Locator Used For? 2

What is the best underground pipe locator for utilities

Leica DD 230 Smart Utility Locators Solution

This is the only equipment on the market that offers a full range of detection solutions for utility workers and anyone breaking ground. The Leica DD SMART utility locator series employs industry-leading digital signal processing to provide the most accurate results. The DD220/230 SMART locators are scalable and built with the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology, allowing for a wireless connection to field controllers and mobile devices.

Mastech Wire Tracker

The Mastech Wire Tracker is our most budget-friendly solution. With a total weight of 1.55 pounds, it consists of two lightweight handheld components, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter comes with a pair of test leads that you can use with the provided alligator clips to fasten onto a pipe or cable. It also comes with a grounding rod, making it simple to use in several situations. The transmitter also features built-in illumination. This won’t help you trace a wire, but it might help you find one in a dark, powerless basement.

Ridgid Underground Utility Locator

Ridgid is well-known for its power tools backed by a lifetime warranty. Ridgid also produces a variety of industrial tools, which are less well-known. For example, they make some of the greatest gas leak detectors on the market. Make no mistake: the Ridgid Underground Utility Locator is a professional-grade instrument with a professional-grade price tag.

TEMPO Communications 501 Tracker II

The Ridgid Underground Utility Locator has a more classic design than the TEMPO Communications 501 Tracker II. There are two elements to it: a transmitter and a receiver. A signal is sent down a wire or conductive conduit by the transmitter, which the receiver picks up. The 501 Tracker II is very straightforward and intuitive, with few bells and whistles. However, there is an obvious disadvantage: you must have access to one end of the pipe or wire.

This implies you won’t utilize it to locate unidentified cables or pipelines. On the other hand, it makes it simple to locate a buried wire break. Just keep following the line until the signal goes out.

So, which of these cable, pipe, and wire locators is the most effective? It is dependent on your requirements. The obvious answer is the Leica DD 230 Smart Utility Locators Solution if you’re seeking the greatest all-around option. This program is intended to automatically identify subsurface assets more thoroughly, faster, and accurately. All of these tools include the most up-to-date DX Shield software.

Summary of uses for an underground pipe locator

Quinn Equipment is the place to go when you need to find the best underground pipe locator. For decades, we’ve been delivering high-quality equipment to utility businesses, and we can help you discover exactly what you need from our large inventory of different goods.

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