March 13, 2022

How Does the iDig ExcaVision Process Work?

There’s a lot of work behind the scenes of iDig Excavision before starting building when it comes to construction. One of the construction process’s essential stages and the first step is using excavation. It isn’t always easy, and it’s not a particularly inexpensive step in the process, but it’s vitally essential.

Excavation is important for laying the foundation upon which the structure is built. It is why site work is important, and perhaps this is an essential step in the construction process. This article will look at the excavision process, how long it takes to excavate a job site, and how the iDig ExcaVision will make the job easier for you. Let’s see what’s involved in this process and what you should know about timing, cost, and how it all unfolds.

Idig excavision

What is the Process of iDig ExcaVision?

The job site will be examined carefully before excavation begins with iDig excavision. It will ensure that the surrounding’s natural habitat has persevered throughout excavation. 

Next, it will make plans for the site’s depth and size. The excavation contractors will make drawings to mark the site’s boundaries. 

Excavation Begins with iDig excavision

Once there are approved plans and drawings, excavation begins. The excavator will use your drawings and approval to know where to dig. They will also know how deep they will dig depending on several factors. These include the type of foundation and if there will be a basement and crawl space.

No matter what type of foundation is chosen, it will need to be placed on cement footers. The type of foundation chosen will determine how deep the footers will be. Here’s a quick look at a few foundation types and how they affect excavation and footer depth.

  • Building a Slab

A slab is one of the most basic foundation types of iDig. When building with a slab foundation, a wide range of variables and options are available. Moreover, ensuring that the slab foundation will stand up to the local environment is important. For example, the requirements to meet frost mitigation drive the cost up to the point where it makes more sense to build on a crawlspace or basement.

  • Crawl Space

Crawl space has become one of the most popular options recently. It requires at least 30 inches of excavation to protect the foundation from frost. At the same time, 36 to 40 inches is generally the minimum requirement if building in the mountains. Furthermore, crawl spaces are often thought to add substantial cost savings when building a home. It isn’t the case because the bulk of the excavation cost is getting the equipment out to the site. If digging an additional 4 to 6 feet is an option, it won’t impact the overall cost.

  • Basement

Nowadays, basements are the most popular type of foundation. It provides an excellent foundation system that adds extra storage space. They have three main types of basements: full walkouts, basements, and garden levels. For that reason, it costs more to excavate a full basement than choosing the other types of foundations. However, the cost against the other options when a contractor weighs turns out to give the homeowners the buck.

Construction excavation requires attention, experience, and detail when dealing with large structures to create the foundation for the entire project. That means heavy industrial contractors like Quinn Equipment use heavy machinery like the iDig ExcaVision, advanced techniques, and tools to ensure that the job is done right.

When you hire a heavy industrial contractor to complete large excavation projects, you set your project up to yield the best results.

If you want to know more about the iDig ExcaVision, our representatives are ready to assist you to get your construction project started. For more of your construction needs or machine assistance, check out our website or contact us at 319-320-4982.



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