Misconceptions about Underground Cable Locator

Underground cable locators are infrastructures to provide subsurface services to people. They are commonly built by public utility companies but installed as private utilities by property owners. For that reason, public utilities come in the form of cables and pipes which transport from water to your internet connection. This depends on the location and locator of a private utility. Its infrastructure includes self-installed home filtration systems, sewer lines, and garden sprinklers.   

Moreover, replacing underground cable utilities is a complex process. Whenever a property owner plans to dig underground, it’s imperative to locate the utilities on the site before digging. For instance, it’s critical to avoid damaging utility lines when a homeowner plans to dig or excavate into the ground in any way.

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Misconceptions before Digging and Using Underground Cable Locator

All Utility Mark Outs are Accurate

Utility mark outs are sometimes inaccurate when excavation work always proceed with caution. They never know whether mark outs are incomplete or inaccurate. That means don’t trust mark outs since they are based solely on records. It is not very reliable when using the most advanced locating technologies. This utility reading can change which depends on the operators’ interpretations. 

The right way to approach mark outs is to move far away from them as possible. Approximately, set your drilling location five to 10 feet away from marked lines. After that, a marked line could be one cable or pipes will do together.

 Dig on a Spot Without the Need to Hire Utility Locators

The lack of utility marks means the area has never been located before. Never dig into an area without going through proper procedures. For instance, there are no utilities where there are no marks. You can also inspect the area by yourself for signs of underground activities like utility boxes, repaired pavement, disturbed soil, or wires coming from the ground. It’s best to hire a trusted underground utility locator in Quinn Equipment to do the best work for you. 

Utility Strikes will not Happen with an Underground Cable Locator

Utility strikes are one of the biggest myths of an exempted idea. It doesn’t mean that something has never happened to you before that cannot happen later. There were excavation-related damages estimated at 532,000 to underground facilities across the country. This is why knowing the correct use of a utility is important.

Doing a Utility Mapping Once

An underground cable locator should be conducted every time before you dig into an area. The depth of cables and pipelines changes over time and new utilities are always being added. For best results, never skip utility locating before any project.

Using an Old Map with an Underground Cable Locator

Relying on old maps to guide you won’t help while mapping underground cable utilities in a long and continuous process. If the map is more than 5 years old, it is no longer updated. It is best to always update a location survey before starting any utility services projects.

BEST PRACTICES TO AVOID ACCIDENTS with an Underground Cable Locator

Paying attention is extra cautious when it comes to excavations. Do everything you can to minimize the risks that come with digging.

Calling an Emergency Hotline

Call the hotline at least a few days before you do any digging. This is to ensure that you’re educated on the underground cable utilities in your excavation area before you begin with any project. It can go a long way in preventing any accidents when disturbing existing underground cable utility lines.


Hiring a professional or choosing an underground locator product when you’re in doubt is always a good choice. They have the necessary equipment and the best technology to carry out the safest excavations. 

Contact a reliable utility locating service to ensure you know where underground cable utilities are and how deep they are in the ground. We at Quinn Equipment pride ourselves on being one of the leading utility-locating companies.

Call us at 319-320-4982 or send us an email at [email protected] to make sure your utility location project goes smoothly!



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