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Pat And Vivian Quinn
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Daly Quinn and his father Pat Quinn

Quinn Equipment is your premiere source of construction solutions

Quinn Equipment offers Rotary Laser Levels, Total Stations, and Underground Utility Locator Tools since 1967. We’ve just started our third generation of service! Daly Quinn continues to support the family legacy that supplies products designed to make your building and digging projects safe and efficient.

We are convinced we can help you find the best rotary laser level and utility locator tools to grow your business.

Quinn Equipment is also a premier Leica GeoSystems Building and Construction dealer for Robotic Total Station Solutions

We specialize in:

The Rotary Laser Level in Action

We believe the self-leveling rotary tools produce the most accurate squaring while preparing your construction material placement. You can see the light beams emitted by rotary laser levels both indoors and outdoors. This leveling equipment improves the efficient alignment of your construction boards and beams far beyond any hand level. Some self-levelers even match slopes up to eight percent.

Quinn Equipment offers versatile rotary levels you can use in just about any vertical, horizontal, or slope position. That’s not all. You can also enjoy hours of rechargeable battery life, which will maximize your valuable sunshine time when working outdoors. In a pinch, select models might even have a car charger, and we also provide the kind that runs on alkaline batteries – also great for ease of portability.

Clx 700 dual grade laser level

The line of light produced by rotary laser levels also can be seen from a distance. This decreases the chance that you would have to set up numerous leveling tools all over your job site. You know what that means, right? Less equipment on-site means fewer tripping hazards for you. We always advocate for your safety when working. However, we do know accidents sometimes still happen. In the event you place your leveler on a tripod, leveling tools are built to withstand drops to the floor if accidental tipping would occur.

Other models provide the bright, green light that we believe is ideal for ensuring you make your measuring mark every time. Remote-activated levelers might be available. If you still don’t know how to decide which rotary laser is better, we suggest reading “How to pick up the best laser”.

Please check our most recent inventory or read an article on what is the best rotary laser level for your project. If you didn’t find the information you needed, you can request more information from a Quinn Equipment representative to learn more.

The Functions of Utility Locators

Safety is paramount when working underground. You must avoid the potentially fatal power cable lines you could encounter when digging. Of course, we still recommend that you call your local utility company’s digging hotline. Still, the more awareness you have, the safer your crew will be. We offer selections of underground wire locators that can detect utility lines with roots as deep as 33 feet (10 meters.). Are you sure how to pick one? You can check it here.

Select underground utility locator models also have a variety of usage modes including power, auto or radio settings. They also transmit using a multitude of frequencies and are built to withstand dust and water. An erase button to resume back to the starting mode to keep up your line search also is available. This erase function also prevents inaccurate readings from magnetic disturbances such as a wire fence.

In addition, you have the option of choosing a utility locator that has an LCD panel to make power line detection a cinch. All the utility locating tools have in stock are very compact but amazingly effective. They will not take up much room in your construction storage vehicles. At the same time, they provide you with the accuracy you need when you need it the most. What is more, they conveniently fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket. For sure you are questioning what is the best underground wire locator is well? Our Quinn Equipment experts share their thoughts, click here for more information.

By the way, a utility locator also works great for detecting underground sewage pipes. This will further protect you and your other workers on the job. Utility locators are a small price to pay to prevent injury or death.

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Your safety on the job is our priority. We also want to make your already hard work as easy as possible. In addition, we understand that there’s not always a “one-size-fits-all” solution for every construction project. For instance, you perhaps are building a two-bedroom home, or you maybe are erecting an industrial factory that takes up two blocks.

We know the work you do is unique. That’s why we offer you as many rotary laser level options and utility locators as we do. At the same time, each piece of equipment holds up to all construction safety standards, and we even guarantee them.

The Quinn Equipment team is happy to answer any questions you have about rotary levels and utility locating tools. We also sell other essential construction tools such as laser level tripods, machine control boxes, grade rods, optical instruments, and more. Feel free to visit the Quinn Equipment WebShop today.

Very truly yours,
Pat K. Quinn, President of Quinn Equipment



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Since 1967

Quinn Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Charles and Marjorie Quinn to represent manufacturers in the distribution of construction related products.
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