March 1, 2022

What You Need to Know About Total Station

The total station is electronic/optical equipment that uses discrete points to sketch a building accurately. By greatly simplifying the construction layout process, total stations boost productivity and accuracy. It’s a cutting-edge surveying tool that combines an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter. A theodolite is a device that measures angles in horizontal and vertical planes using a moveable telescope.

Total stations without reflectors can estimate distances to any light-colored object up to a few hundred meters. Principle: The coordinates of any other point can be determined using the instrument position and bearing of a backward station. Land surveyors and civil engineers mostly employ total stations to record topographic surveying features or set out features (roads, houses, or boundaries). Archaeologists use them to document digs, and police, crime scene investigators, private accident reconstructionists, and insurance firms use them to measure scenes.

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What is a total station used for?

  • From a height, ensure that the pole tilts.

As long as the eyeglass describes a completely vertical flat when turned, ensuring pole tilt from a height or pointing on the ground and evaluating a vertical line of a structure can be done precisely with a single face of the eyeglass. To lessen the impact of vertical axis tilting, this type of job necessitates the use of a leveled second-hand total station.

  • Surveying

Point location and height are established by measuring angles and distances while planning a construction floor design. The instrument is positioned on a local coordinate system point. After visaing it with the horizontal circle set to zero, a second easily distinguishable point is chosen for orientation purposes.

  • Stakeout

Extrapolating the sides beyond the limitations of the excavation to establish the profiles of the limits on which stakes are placed is important for aligning a construction. Ropes or cables can be linked to these reference locations throughout the construction phase to indicate wall positioning.

  • Goals are recognized automatically.

The ATR objective recognition system is included in Leica Geosystems TCA refurbished total stations. The recognition of ATR is simple and quick. It is now possible to perform measurements automatically with the assistance of a computer thanks to this technology. The most common use of this feature is as a guide for accurately managing construction machinery.

  • Inaccessible distances are measured (total TCR stations from Leica Geosystems)

Leica Geosystems’ TCR second-hand total stations contain a laser distance meter that does not require a reflector, which is ideal for measuring borders, placing pipelines, and taking measurements along ravines or bars.

What are the different types of total stations?

  • Manual – were used to measure with medium and high precision. They’re cost-effective, and they’ll help you recoup your initial investment faster.
  • Robotic – robotization provides a more efficient workforce because only one person must complete the task.
  • Multi stations in use: total high-performance stations with laser scanners and imaging technology.

What is a total station, and how does it work?

They work by sending microwaves and infrared signals to the prism at the unknown coordinate you’re looking for. The prism will reflect the emitted beam to the total station. The distance and angulation from the strange sighting will then be calculated using the time difference and the speed of that wave.

A total station is the best tool for getting the most exact distance, angulation, elevation level, or declination between two places. Quinn Equipment Inc. has a total station like the Leica robotic total station. You should get one, try it out, and practice using it to get the most precise measurements possible.

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