What is a Robotic Total Station?

A Robotic Total Station is a remote electronic and optical instrument used in surveying and building construction. Compared to the traditional total station, the robotic total station allows a remote operation, meaning you will only need one operator to perform calculations and inspections in a far less time and more accurately than a traditional one. The technology allows to measure both vertical and horizontal angles and the distance from the instrument to a particular point, without even needing the traditional two-person team of assistants and surveyor.

What is a robotic total station?

Before the it was invented, site workers had to manually turn total stations vertically and horizontally to sight them to the positions to observe or set out. Now, with the robotic total station’s size that is one-third smaller than the others, it provides a compact and high-performance solution to provide long-range operation and reflectorless measurements that is absolutely perfect for construction and surveying needs.

Robotic Total Station Increases Site Workers’ Productivity

Because of its advanced technological features, site workers don’t have to exert effort in manually turning the instrument to collect or set out — saving time in processing and setting out, therefore increasing the workers’ productivity. 

Robotic Total Station’s Bluetooth Technology Feature

Using a built-in sensor and Bluetooth technology, the robotic total station can rotate and follow the direction of a moving prism that if, for some reason, it loses track of the prism, the operator can simply press the trigger key and it will automatically establish a reconnection. With the robotic station’s Bluetooth technology feature, the positional information is relayed to the data logger, which also speeds up the setting-out process, as it means the professional at the pole end with the logger has already available information.

Robotic Total Station: Time and Cost-Efficient

As a result of using the software like Topcon’s MAGNET Field, construction professionals are able to work directly from their drawings depending on the information available to them on site, making it time and cost-efficient as it eliminates the need to use more people for setting out into the instrument or data logger, which in turn reduces the capacity for further errors on site.

Robotic Total Station: Fast and Accurate Distance Measurement

In order to get a job done right, the right tools are needed for the job. With the robotic total station, it makes precise and accurate distance measurements fast and simple by offering a variety of measurement options. 

Robotic Total Station: Turning Off The Robotic Mode

If you do not want the robotic mode, just simply turn it off and choose reflectorless mode or use reflector tape, reflector sheet, single or triple prism or the 360-degree prism specially designed for it — all without needing to waste time to switch from tool to tool manually. 

Investing in Robotic Total Station To Experience Its Convenience

Though it may be a little costly to invest on one, you will experience its efficiency in almost every aspect in the long run. Businesses investing in robotic total stations reportedly stated that they are able to save time, money, and resources — all thanks to innovations like the GTL-1000, which are capable of much more than the average total station. If you’re worrying about project timelines, employee salaries, or whatever else is stopping you from getting the job done quickly and easily, don’t ever be, because if you’re serious about building your company into an industry leader, the solution is actually pretty simple — invest in a robotic total station, and watch your company rise and prosper.

Where to find the best Robotic Total Station

If you have decided to invest in a Robotic Total Station but are quite unsure where to find one, check out Quinn Equipment today. We have offered Rotary Laser Levels, Total Stations, and Underground Utility Locator Tools since 1967. Quinn Equipment is also a premier Leica GeoSystems Building and Construction dealer for Robotic Total Station Solutions

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