July 7, 2022

iDig Automation Control Systems and How They Improve Businesses

After a turbulent period of changing expectations and adjusting forecasts, 2022 will be a year of growth and reemergence in the construction industry for Futtura iDig Automation Control Systems equipment. Rising construction labor and costs shortages persist that challenges the industry to innovate competitive new ideas. With that being said, stricter regulations contribute to a reduced margin for error and waste.

If the industry becomes more competitive and the market shifts harness, construction improvements will prove valuable for any construction firm.

Idig automation control systems

What Are iDig Automation Control Systems?

Automation control systems involve equipment, machine, and integration devices within the manufacturing plant. However, they can also go further by integrating the system on the plant floor with the rest of the organization. It includes sales, operations, supply chains, compliance processes, R&D, etc.

Moreover, their solutions require secure infrastructures to enable data and communication transfers, including smart devices, to collect data. Usually, you achieve this through sensors on equipment and machines like Futtura Econograde EG2-S System with Single Receiver and Slope Sensor.

Types of automation

There are two types of automation the open-loop system and the closed-loop system.

In open-loop automated control systems, the control action from the controller is independent of the process variable. In contrast to a closed-loop control system, the control action from the controller is dependent on the desired set value and the actual output value of the process.

Moreover, closed-loop controls are widely used in modern automation control systems.

Improving Productivity

Most businesses are beneficial from industrial automation control systems that revolve around improved productivity. In other words, optimizing the manufacturing facility and helping to optimize the business overall.

An example includes speeding up production time, which lets you optimize distribution processes and channels that can also feed into customer and sales operations service.

Here are some of the improved productivity that iDig automation control systems can bring to your business:

  • iDig Automation Control Systems increase scalability and flexibility. For example, introducing new products to the production line is faster and smoother. It is easier to scale production up or down as the needs of the business dictate.
  • The iDig Automation Control Systems will take care of repetitive tasks where you can optimize the use of resources in your production lines. Those repetitive tasks cover everything from batch changeovers to scheduling routine machine maintenance, recording batch information, etc.
  • Control systems and industrial automation like Futtura Econograde EG2-S System with Single Receiver and Slope Sensor also improve accuracy in your factory operations overall. A programmed controller will perform a task to the same standard within the same parameters every time.
  • You will see improved accuracy of data collection that leads to significant improvements in individual and batch product traceability. It will save you money when you need to allocate fewer resources to this process.

Moreover, the iDig Automation Control Systems will improve the standards of customer service. That means there will be compliance in regulated industries.

  • The production facility will experience reduced downtime since automatic processes can predict failures. Its schedule has the most efficient times for maintenance and more.
  • The automation control systems will result in fewer production errors that save money and time while improving customer satisfaction.


Reduced production costs, increased productivity and higher output are the biggest reasons for using control automation. Although iDig automation control systems may eventually override, they can yield substantial opportunities in the future if used wisely and effectively. 

There is an opportunity to make work safer by relieving workers from hazardous and repetitive labor. At Quinn Equipment, automated control systems would ultimately provide an economic environment and growing society where people can enjoy a better way of life.

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