A Complete Guide to Buying A Rotary Laser Level or Rotating Laser Level

A rotary laser level is a complicated piece of equipment used to take measurements on construction sites. Like any tool in your arsenal, buying a rotary laser level is an investment. You first need to know what you’re getting into. In this article, we’ll share with you the things you need to consider when buying a Rotary Laser Level

Buying a rotary laser level

Top Features You Should Look For When Buying a Rotary Laser Level

Does it have a Self Leveling Feature?

Two main components comprise a rotary laser. The transmitter is mounted on a tripod and equipped with a spinning diode that emits a laser beam. The receiver is mounted on a large ruler referred to as a transit or grade rod. The receiver detects the transmitter’s laser and indicates whether it’s higher than, lower than, or at the same level as the beam.

Surprisingly, less expensive transmitters may possess bubble levels since you must level them before sending out the laser. However, higher-end transmitters have self-leveling capabilities within 4 0r 5 degrees. Even though this is technically an optional feature, we recommend a self-leveling rotary laser level. 

When Buying a Rotary Laser Level, Make Accuracy a Priority

One of the main ways to measure rotary laser levels is their accuracy at a certain distance. Some rotary laser levels measure at around 30 feet, while others are accurate to as much as 100 feet away. You’re probably aware of this already, but the pricier a rotary laser level is, the farther and more accurate its laser becomes. When buying a rotary laser level, you’ll discover most to be around 1/8 inch accurate at 100 feet. However, some models like the DeWalt DW079LG to accurate up to 1/16 inch. 

Consider The Range You Need When Buying a Rotary Laser Level

The farther the range, the higher your price will be. However, most rotary laser levels usually have a distance between 1000 and 2000 feet. It’s good to remember that when buying a rotary laser level for its range, you also need to consider how accurate it is. Not only will you need a rotary laser level with long-range if you’ll be shooting elevations at points far away from each other, but you’ll also need a high degree of accuracy to get reliable data. 

Also, Consider the Durability of Your Rotary Laser Level

You’re probably already aware that jobsites are, more often than not, tough environments. Busy crewmembers will likely knock over and otherwise damage sensitive tools and equipment. And since the spinning diode in the transmitter of a rotary laser level is fragile, it’s even more vital to protect it from getting damaged. When buying a rotary laser level, choose one with built-in protection mechanisms like rubber bumpers or shock absorption features like arms/handles. If your equipment takes a lot of abuse, you must bring it back to a service center for routine recalibration at least once every 12 months. 

Rotational Speed is Also a Key Factor

The last but certainly not the least thing you should keep in mind is if you’ll use the rotary laser level inside buildings and decide when the variable rotational speed is important. Using the variable speed option may seem strange since you’d think the laser should spin quickly enough to identify all points around the circle easily. As it turns out, while faster speeds allow the receiver to detect the laser more easily, slower speeds allow the laser to become more visible. You won’t likely see the laser when you use the laser outside since that is where the receiver is meant to be used. However, visibility is crucial indoors where you won’t be using a receiver. 

Now that you have an idea of everything that you need to know before buying a rotary laser level, the most important thing to know is the best place to get them. Quinn Equipment has offered Rotary Laser Levels, Total Stations, and Underground Utility Locator Tools since 1967. You can surely find the construction equipment you need here!

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