April 20, 2022

Working Knowledge of a Total Station

Have you been on a worksite where the engineer only used theodolite or transit to check grades for the total station? It takes them long to calculate an elevation, set up, measure the point and find their benchmark that you might send the crew home when it takes so long. These days, most engineers use GPS rovers to check grades. 

Moreover, a total station is an optical and electronic instrument that combines its measurement distance with the angle measuring capabilities of theodolites in one unit. They have enabled surveyors to get more accurate and precise data to transfer the field to the office quickly. 

Total station
Working Knowledge Of A Total Station 2

How Total Stations are Used for Monitoring?

Surveying professionals are predestined to lead the way in deformation monitoring because the primary field tool of land surveying is also one of the best and most flexible monitoring sensors. Every surveying service provider company owns a total station. It is all that is needed to start growing your business with monitoring.

  • Digital Theodolite of Total Station

Some may not be familiar with a digital theodolite for a modern-day that is equivalent to transits from the olden days. It refers to a telescope mounted on a base that is one of the proven methods used by surveyors to measure angles. With that being said, it provides you with accurate vertical and horizontal angles. However, it cannot measure distance.

It is used to locate points on a line to find elevation differences. The proven method of surveying requires two surveyors to work together. However, a total station is less expensive than a total station that requires less training. That means there are pros and cons to the various methods, so you’ll want to consider which may better fit your needs. 

  • EDM Used in a Total Station? 

The electronic distance measuring instrument is one of the major components of a total station that enables it to accurately measure sloping distances from the total station to an object. The technology uses electromagnetic waves to measure the distance between the handheld reflector and the instrument. 

Moreover, its accuracy is impressive. It can measure distances of up to 5,000 feet with an accuracy of about 1.5 millimeters. The EDM replaced the old method of using 100 ft. long metal tapes that are graduated marks every hundredth of a foot that surveyors would walk around. It’s pretty easy to develop some flaws that the old method had quickly. Furthermore, it is not surprising that EDM replaced it in the ’80s.  

Benefits of Total Station for Businesses

When you use a total station monitoring service, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sprinkler System Monitoring

Sometimes, there may come a time when your fire sprinklers don’t work correctly when many total station monitoring services notify you if this occurs.

  • Instant Alerts for Fires

If a fire occurs within a business, an instant alert will stop the fire and minimize damage, a more successful result.

  • 24-Hour Monitoring

With 24-hour monitoring, a business is protected day and night.

  • Immediate Access to Assistance

With the help of central station monitoring, there will be again immediate access to assistance.

  • Protects People and Property

With this 24-hour system in place, anyone can rest easy knowing that the property and people are well protected.

  • Added Layer of Security

A total station Monitoring service provides an extra layer of security even if you have an onsite fire protection system in place.

The total station monitoring makes the measurement more accurate and records data on its inbuilt recorder. At Quinn Equipment, we produce maps within a short period. Hence the time consuming would be less, which made the survey work easier.

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