Why Underground Cable Locating Is Important

Nowadays, service reliability is improved for using underground cable locating by moving cables from overhead to underground. While moving underground helped to ensure continuity, it also ushered in extra layers of challenges. However, landscapers and construction companies no longer have a line of sight on these critical lines. For that reason, one unlucky nudge of a shovel will result in interrupted service and a severed line.

Underground cable locating

Truly, the only way to safely begin with a project that involves digging is to locate all underground utilities. It will be in the area before breaking any ground. Here are the best reasons underscoring the importance of locating utilities before digging.

The Importance of Underground Cable Locating

In certain cases, some regions have inappropriate or prohibited overhead electric lines. So, the best solution is to use an underground cable to send electricity from the source to a community or building. Furthermore, this type of transmission wiring offers several benefits, including the following: 

  • Finding Utilities Faster Is A Good Customer Service

State laws dictate how long utilities can locate their underground lines for customers. But it’s one of the best practices to complete that process as soon as possible. If for no other reason, speeding this process can serve as a good customer service gesture. No utility wants to be the firm that is the last to find its lines. That delay could cause anxious project owners to begin without markings and severing lines. Their projects can’t start until all underground utilities are located.

  • Offer Safer Solution

In most cases, accidents concerning electrical wiring are caused by overhead cables. That means the underground transmission option is safer where it’s inaccessible to people and other entities. Moreover, it reduces the danger of electric shock and other hazards.

  • Locating Utilities Can Avoid Disruption and Outages 

While human safety is vital, there is a high risk of causing a service outage when digging without locating utilities. Yet, cutting a line could cause a home, neighborhood, or even an entire city section to lose water, power, or telephone functionality. But other disruptions beyond service outages can occur if digging occurs before locating utilities. As a result, striking a gas line in a building’s evacuation while hitting a water main can need a boil-water advisory. 

  • Life Expectancy is Increased

Underground PVC wires have a longer lifespan than overhead cables since they are not damaged by external factors that are safely buried. Yet, the number of outages is minimized.

  • A Trained Expert in Underground Cable Locating Can Prevent Injuries

Before any project breaks, the standard operating procedure is to call 811. It is the national “call-before-you-dig” phone number. From there, the service will prompt a request for utility companies to indicate the location of underground lines. But what if someone is unaware of what’s hidden under the ground? People digging with a spade, shovel, or another tool with metal components could risk themselves and others around them. It will cause them electrocution if they strike a high-voltage electric line.

  • Improved Aesthetic of Areas

Certainly, the overhead wires tend to ruin a place’s clean ambiance when not installed appropriately. Yet, the underground cables will make the area look better aesthetically. In addition, tangled and overcrowding wires will not overwhelm the community or building.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right type of underground cable locating is essential to achieve the best outcome and prevent issues afterward. It will be helpful to consider the voltage capacity of the duct, wires, and location you’ll use to protect the cables. 

Our Quinn Equipment Construction Solutions team helps you do what’s best for the business. One of our services is underground cable locating, which offers many advantages over alternatives.

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