Laser Level Best Box PD Series – Skid Steer

Most Widely Used Precision Grader:

The Laser Level Best Dual Mast PD Series is made specifically to work with skid steer loaders. Plus, we’ve made it easier to create an extremely precise, smooth finished grade. Level Best grading boxes represent the next level in technology advancement.

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Over 50 Automatic Adjustments Per Second

Operators are far more comfortable with the smoothest operation available, from dead-level to contoured surfaces.

High Production Push-Pull Operation

Skid steer loaders work in a completely different way than tractors. That’s why we designed the Level Best PD Series to take advantage of the push-pull directional work style of skid steer loaders for maximum production.

Made for Operator Comfort – Laser Level Best Box PD Series

Happy operators are productive operators. The unique frame design gives operators exceptional control, efficiency and smoothness, and eliminates the “bounce” effect common in skid steer loaders due to the short wheelbase.

Three Dimensional Precision Grading Made Easy

The Level Best PD Series works seamlessly with the on-site horizontal laser reference, and uses highly accurate satellite measurements for vertical reference points. It’s ready to use with GPS, total stations or sonic technology for complex contour work.


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