Heavy Duty Elevator Composite Tripod


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Features and Benefits:

• Tripod has a fully-extended leg and center column height of 12.40 ft (3.80 m) and a collapsed height of 5.97 ft (1.82 m).
• The legs and dowels are constructed of fiberglass, resulting in durability, strength and resistance to weathering.
• Features an adjustable center column that gives the tripod 3.69-ft (1.12-m) of lift.
• A detachable round head plate with a 5/8 x 11 stud gives your GPS Antenna a sturdy platform.
• Lockable leg stabilizer struts, dual clamps, twist locks, quick clamps, along with dual metal and rubber leg points create greater stability.
• Column can hold 30 kg (66 lb) when collapsed, and 7 kg (15.4 lb) when elevating.
• Also includes a leg straps and orange hardware.
• Weighs 33.10 lb (15.00 kg).


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