Apache Storm Digital Detector With Clamp


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MARCH SALE: $50 off new Apache Detector with the trade in of your old Apache Detector. 

The Apache Storm Laserometer Receiver features a digital readout of elevation which provides a numeric display of ± 2 inches (± 5 cm).

Features and Benefits:

• Make accurate measurements without moving the rod clamp.
• A 5-inch (12.7 cm) reception height allows quick acquisition of the laser beam.
• Waterproofed to IP67 standards which means no downtime due to moisture, bad weather, or dust conditions.
• The tough protective over-molding allows it to withstand a 10 foot drop onto concrete.
• The patented anti-strobe sensor prevents faulty signals from construction lights.
• Green LEDs indicate green for on-grade and red LEDs for high and low.
• Universal clamp fits oval and square rods.



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