Laser Level Best LBSE & LBDE Series – Super Capacity Tractor Mount

When Size Matters I

When you measure the job site in acres, you’ll want the Laser Level Best LBSE Series or LBDE Series, with 60% more capacity than the next smaller units.

We created this series of “monster” sized Level Best grading boxes based on customer requirements for applications like large concrete pours, athletic sports field construction, or for leveling playing fields in preparation for new sod.

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Laser Level LBSE and LBDE Series – Engineered to Take Rough Treatment

They units feature engineering, materials and construction made to handle the dynamic stresses produced by the most powerful tractors in these fast-paced site environments.

For example, dual caster wheels work with an oscillating axle that helps smooth out uneven surfaces when roughing in areas and also during transport. An optional drawbar adds even more precision and speed.

Tamed with Technology

The core of these large boxes is the exclusive Level Best hydraulic valve. It tames these beasts so they deliver the same smooth operation and highly precise accuracy that has made Level Best the industry leader in precision grading equipment. Nothing else compares.

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