Laser Level Best – TS and TD Standard Tractor Series

Industry Leading Precision Grading – Laser Level Best I

The mid-sized Laser Level Best TS and TD Series Grading Boxes work with a wide range of tractors and are a popular choice for many contractors and facility managers. They combine versatility and outstanding durability over time in construction applications. The Level Best TS and TD Series Grading Boxes are precise to 1/10 of an inch, and have no equal on the market.

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Velvet-Smooth Adjustments

Level Best TS and TD Series Grading Boxes feature an exclusive hydraulic valve system that makes dozens of positional adjustments every second. The result is the smoothest continuous operation available in the market for precision grading.

High Performance

Standard features include greaseless composite bushings, reversible cutting edges on four sides and highway-grade wheel bearings for extended service life.

Laser Level Best, Large Capacity, High Production, Amazing Accuracy

The large box capacity carries material where you need it so you can produce a more precise finish in far less time.

The optional drawbar provides additional box stability by isolating tractor movement. This also adds length from tractor to cutting edge, which minimizes unnecessary grade corrections. This “quiets” the box to keep you on grade longer, making you more productive. The standard rear cutting edge lets you knock down material piles and back fill in reverse.

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