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An inexpensive grade control system that is easy to install, cable-free, portable, and always on the cutting edge of technology.
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How Does Futtura iDig Work?

Electronic angle sensors wirelessly communicate with each other and the control box to calculate the real-time position of the bucket teeth or cutting edge.

Product Advantages:

  • Designed and developed to enable easy Installation and calibration.
  • Eliminates wasted fuel and machine downtime waiting for a grade check.
  • Gives the operator the information right in the cab
  • Easily handles tough jobsite conditions
  • Compact, heavy duty, water and dirt proof
  • Solar charging means no extra work at day’s end
  • Radio communication means no cable breakage to worry about
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iDig Works on ALL Excavators, Backhoes, Mini Excavators with a Wide Variety of Buckets. Use it for Footings, Foundations, Drainage, Trenches, Embankments, Tank Setting, etc.

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A grade control system simple to install, no cables, easy to move from a machine to another, always at the top of latest technologies.

Futtura iDig is the most affordable 2D system on the market!

Futtura iDig allows you to save on several items:

  • The grade checker or the time needed to work (no stops, no need to get out of the cabin)
  • Fuel and materials (over-working)

The return on investment is fast = from 3 to 9 months only depending on the configuration.

Learn more in depth about Futtura iDig system.

The Quinn Equipment team is happy to answer any questions you have about  Futtura iDig 2D Excavator Grade Control System.



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