How to Pick the Best Laser Level

The best laser level is a tool that consists of a laser beam projector attachable to a tripod. The tool is used in the construction industry to level and measure activities. Leveling of the laser level is done depending on its accuracy where it projects a fixed green or red beam in a beam on the vertical or horizontal axis. Advances in technology have seen the invention of self-leveling laser levels to make the job easier and more accurate.

Laser levels are available in different types to suit different uses. Therefore, there are some considerations you need to make when you go to pick the best laser level.

Best Laser Level Accuracy


Consider the accuracy of the device for seamless leveling. Laser levels provide better accuracy than other tools like spirit levels.

Red Beam vs Green Beam Laser Levels

Green laser level produces a green beam that is easier to see because of its brightness. A green laser level is most suitable for large scale projects where it’s crucial to see the line.

Auto vs Manual Laser Levels

Auto lasers or self leveling lasers, do almost all the work by themselves. When you set it up, it gives you an accurate level line. If any disturbance occurs it stops, which means that there will be no inaccuracies. On the other, a manual laser also gives accurate results when properly set. However, when disturbed, they go on running, which means that there will be inaccuracies. Hence, manual lasers are more suited for smaller projects.

Outdoor or Indoor Usage of a Laser Level

Consider the location of your project, whether indoors or outdoors. Some laser levels give better results indoors while others are more suited for the outdoors. When working indoors, choose laser levels that work without electronic laser receivers. Such laser levels have green that are more visible indoors.

If your project is outdoors, you will need to work with a laser receiver as beams of light get lost in daylight. Lasers made for outdoor work use infra-red beams in projects such as trenching and grading.

Single Grade Laser Levels

Leica rugby 610 single grade best laser level

A grade laser level is a reliable and accurate device better suited for general building works and applications that require machine control. This tool aligns, levels, and squares faster resulting in less errors and downtime. Leica laser level devices guarantee non-stop laser accuracy especially when employed in tough work environments.

Best Laser Level Self-leveling

Self-leveling laser units provide higher levels of accuracy. They work better when the operator places them on a surface considered to be ‘near level’. A bubble vial can be used to level the unit manually before the self-leveling unit takes over. The laser part of the device hangs just like a pendulum on the level. Gravity and magnets collaborate to halt the pendulum and then a beam is projected through a prism or a light.

Some laser levels have electronic self-leveling sensors, such as the Leica laser level and Spectra laser level for boosting reliability and accuracy. They are most suited for outdoor construction works. When using this device for indoor jobs, their self-leveling mechanism helps in saving time and increasing reliability.

Brightness of the Line or Point

This is a feature in both the models that project a green beam and those with a red beam. The brightness of the beam is important as you will easily recognize it from a distance.

Best Laser Level Track Stability

The models that contain electronic self-leveling should have an electric engine that adjusts fast. Laser levels that utilize mechanical self-leveling perform this function through a pendulum and magnets that damp oscillations. In both mechanisms, line stability and execution speed are vital and are indications of good or bad laser levels.

Best Laser Level Point or Line Size

The thinner the line produced by the beam, the more accurate the markings. Tracks are marked at the center of the line, therefore, when the line is thick enough, the more accurate the markings will be.

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