Leica Rugby 640 Rotating Laser Level


Offering high versatility in general construction and interior applications, the Leica Rugby 640 rotating laser level allows contractors to perform all horizontal, vertical, and simple slope tasks quickly and reliably.

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640 Rotating Laser Level Features and Benefits:

Increasing functionality and application flexibility, the Leica RC 400 remote control allows contractors to:

  • Effortlessly perform slope and plumb applications
  • Easily move scan lines
  • Simply change rotating speed
  • Save on battery power whenever needed.

Moreover, drywall contractors benefit from the extremely easy and accurate layout and alignment of drywalls with Scan 90° function, automatic plumb down, and 90° reference beam.

640 Rotating Laser Level Long working times

Ensuring no downtime due to low battery status, the Rugby 640 construction laser comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Charge this long-lasting battery during operation, in the car with the car charger (optional accessory), and from any battery with the 12V battery cable (opt.).

Contractors working on large construction sites with many sunshine hours will highly benefit from the optional solar panel that can be attached to the carry case for cost-free charging of the Rugby 640 laser.

For even more environmentally-friendly battery management and increased efficiency, the RC 400 remote control puts the laser to sleep during your break, saving the battery and assuring that the setup is the same when you are back.

Best price/quality ratio

Rugby 640 Rotating Laser Level is a multipurpose laser level that offers contractors a professional solution with an outstanding price-to-quality-ratio, allowing quick and easy leveling and aligning for general construction and interior applications.

Contractors benefit from the extremely robust Li-Ion battery with versatile charging options. You can also take advantage of the extended functionality and application flexibility with Leica Rod Eye laser receivers and Leica RC 400 remote control.

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