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The Topcon LS-100D Compact Digital Laser Receiver is a versatile laser sensor that works efficiently with Red beams on rotary lasers and grade lasers such as the Topcon RL-H4C, RL-H5A, RL-SV2S, and RL-200 Series (Single and Dual). Offering a working range of up to 2,625 feet (800 m) and five on-grade precision settings, it is perfect for all surveying and construction needs. It comes with an extra-wide beam capture sensor to eliminate interference from strobe light exposures.

This laser receiver by Topcon features large front and rear LCD displays with nine-channel grade indicators and digital readout. It also includes three LED lights for additional elevation and vertical alignment information. Equipped with a built-in level vial, it allows quick and precise leveling. Its “Hold” button locks the display to enable convenient reading while the warning icons alert the contractor if the receiver is disturbed (HI Alert) or the battery is running low.

The Topcon LS-100D Compact Digital Laser Receiver is easily mountable with the optional Sensor Holder 110. It is embedded with two strong round magnets that effortlessly attach it to any metal surface. Supplied with an alkaline battery, it can operate continuously for up to 45 hours. It is rated IP67 for dust-proof and water-resistant durability.

Configuration Options

The Topcon LS-100D Compact Digital Laser Receiver offers an optional Sensor Holder 110. Please select your preference from the menu above.

  • 1011989-04: Without Sensor Holder 110
  • 1026030-01: With Sensor Holder 110

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for red rotary lasers & grade lasers
  • Working range of up to 2,625 feet
  • Five on-grade precision settings
  • Dual display w/ 9-channel grade indicators
  • Digital readout for quick, precise reading
  • Extra-wide beam capture sensor
  • Built-in level vial for precise alignment
  • Optional Sensor Holder 110 for mounting



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