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Designed for surveyors, builders and civil engineers, the Nikon Automatic Level delivers highly accurate leveling and horizontal angle measurement. It features a built-in compensator and has a ±1/16-inch leveling accuracy at 200 feet. With a ±0.5 arc-second setting accuracy, it is ideal for landscaping, fence building, installing foundation, road work jobs and more.

The Nikon Automatic Level has a minimum focusing distance of up to 2.5 feet, allowing better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes. It also includes a built-in magnetic-dampened compensator, a large focusing knob and a horizontal tangent knob with unlimited range. Also, this survey tool has a 360-degree horizontal circle that is attachable to both flat and spherical-head tripods.

For working in extremely confined spaces, its detachable eyepiece can let the construction professional use an optional diagonal eyepiece prism. With its 5/8 x 11 tripod thread, it is compatible with most tripods. This compact and lightweight instrument is dust proof and water resistant.



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