Leica Detect Plumbers package DD220


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This package includes:

  • 1 DD220 SMART locator
  • 1 Midi Sonde and locator bag
  • Includes batteries


Leica DD SMART Locators & DX Shield Software - Connectivity brings more productivity and saves time.

The Leica DD SMART utility locators and DX Shield software open the door to a connected world, anywhere, anytime. The Leica DD SMART utility locators automatically identify underground assets deeper, faster and more accurately. Understand sit activity and utility locator use in greater detail with DX Shield software. The DD220/230 SMART locators are scalable and designed with the latest Bluetooth technology, providing a wire-free connection to field controllers and mobile devices. Connect and download data stored in the DD SMART utility locators' internal memory, including GPS positioning, and transfer back to the office. USB connectivity provides a convenient connection to DX Office Shield software for data download, analysis and product maintenance. Leica DD SMART utility locators and DX Shield software provide a true single-source solution for all your field activities.

Leica DX Shield - To be more productive and efficient, you need to streamline operations.

The new Leica DX Shield software provides organizations with a single-source solution protecting operators and utilities from harm. Auto sync and access your collected data using your mobile phone. The DX Field Shield app provide operators with a remote transfer tool, linking data from the site to DX Office Shield or DX Manager Shield hosted service. DX Manager Shield provides organizations with a scalable local solution on a single-source platform. The success of your business rests on two valuable investments; Leica DD SMART utility locators and Leica DX Shield Software.


Locate and trace accurately your utilities with simple workflows, increasing capability to analyze your assets performance in less time. Personalize and enhance reports to provide actionable outcomes improving site safety and workflows. With the DD SMART utility locators and the DX Shield software more utilities are located. With the locators' new technology there is a reduced need for multiple sweeps.


On-board video support, usage alerts and diagnostics to protect your assets and your site workers with a SMART solution. DX Shield software and DD SMART utility locators provide organizations with a mechanism to review and report on assets use, which allows organizations to improve process and products usage.


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