Spectra Precision LR50W Machine Control Laser

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Comes with with RD20 remote display and rechargeable NiMH battery.

The Spectra Precision® LR50W Wireless Laser Machine Display Receiver is designed to be used as a stand-alone display receiver on grading and excavating equipment including: dozers, excavators, backhoes, scrapers, and box blades.

Features and Benefits:

• Built-in blade tilt indicator helps the operator keep the blade level for increased accuracy and productivity.
• Center on-grade provides an equal amount of grade information above and below on-grade. Use on dozers, graders, scrapers and box blades.
• Built-in plumb indicator for fast, accurate grade checking in excavation applications.
• Offset on-grade gives you more range above grade using the entire receiver for more productive excavation.
• Up to six channels of grade information plus directional out-of-beam indictors.
• Package includes LR50W (wireless), NiMH batteries, charger, RD20, and RD20 Machine Power Cable.
• Two-Year Warranty – Reliability you can count on!
• Large bright, red, green and blue elevations LEDs; different colors for High, On-Grade and Low.
• Provides in-cab display of implement elevation, plumb and tilt.
• Allows in-cab receiver settings: On-grade and blade tilt offset, accuracy, excavator mode, LED brightness.
• Dual power: internal battery or machine.
• Built on speaker provides distinct audible tones for High, On-grade and Low.
• State of the art digital radio prevents interference even when multiple machines working in the same area.
• Multiple mounting systems include bolt-on, adhesive, swivel, and suction cup.


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