Spectra Precision CB25 Single Control Box with Bracket

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Features and Benefits:

• Automatic lift control lets you get to grade faster with less rework and more material savings.
• Proportional valve control provides smooth blade response through quick corrections making more consistent and accurate finish grade.
• Super-bright grade LEDs and easy-to-see display provide highly visible elevation indication and system status in any light for setup and operation.
• On/off automatic/manual switches are easy to set up and use on small and large dozers, and compact machines.
• Skid-steer loaders with attachments such as dozer blade, grade blade, box blade, loader bucket for automatic control requiring lift control.
• Small dozer with lift and automatic lift control using PT proportional current, proportional voltage.
• Cab-mounted, automatic control of lift of blade or attachment.
• Performs simple elevation display to more complex grading jobs requiring automatic elevation blade control.
• Switch from automatic to manual control with the quick flip of one switch.
• Super-bright LED grade displays relay blade position to grade in any lighting condition for maximum productivity.


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