September 28, 2020

The Next Big Wave for Contractors: Leica Utility Locators – A new way to save time, money AND increase efficiency

The Leica DD130 Utility Locator is known for its ease of use and has become the go-to locator in the construction and utility detection industry!

How many times have you been on a private property project and after the fact your customer tells you, “Oh yea, I forgot to tell you there is a gas line put in for our backyard fire pit.”  Not only that, most people have NO idea where their utility lines run underground throughout the property THEY OWN.

Many contractors are purchasing locators to verify already located lines, but ALSO to locate utility lines and more that are not accurately or previously marked. Using a Leica DD130 Utility Locator or other utility locating systems we carry, saves an abundance of time and makes a contractor feel at ease when they locate unknown utility or to double check the utility location that has been done.

The Leica DD130 Utility Locator leads to a safe and easy way to locate anything underground that you or the owner may be unaware of. More and more contractors are calling and asking for a solution for locating utility or to double check the locating work that has already been done. The Leica DD130 Utility Locator is the answer. This locator requires minimal user experience and is the only locator in the industry with IP54 protection from dust and water. This durable locating system is made for the construction industry.

As we move into fall and the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, SAVE yourself AND your company both TIME and $MONEY$ by purchasing a Leica DD130 Utility locator for any of your locating needs. 

Give our Underground Detection expert Daly Quinn a call and find out how you can effortlessly locate utility on any project you have in the future. Saving one mistake will pay for its use and save you the time, money and hassle of having to deal with unidentified utility underground. 

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