Leica LDT-05 Theodolite


The LDT-05 digital electronic theodolite is designed for enhanced performance in construction applications. Work faster with the advanced features of the LDT-05 to improve productivity while increasing the bottom line.

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Advanced Features:

Automatic vertical compensation: A tilt warning occurs if out of compensation range, preventing costly errors.

Visible laser plummet: Makes setting over a point a snap – much faster & easier than optical plummets.

5-second accuracy: High accuracy for tight tolerances

Precision dual LCD panels with large, east-to-read numbers: Observe display and functions from both sides of the instrument.

Vertical angle measuring includes percent of grade option: percent of grade or degrees – Your choice!

Auto Power-Off Option: If enabled, shuts off unit in 30 minutes if no activity to conserve power.

Audible 90 degree ‘beep’: Emits an audible tone at for each of the four right-angle directions for faster orientation.

Zero resetting: Instantly resets the horizontal angle to zero.

The LDT-05 includes both rechargeable and alkaline battery options: Power is always available.

One-year warranty: Our warranty provides you with peace of mind for a full 12 months.

Fast set-up and easy to use:

The advanced features of the LDT-05 make set-up fast and very easy. The intuitive on-board functions alllow most anyone to use this great tool, even those with minimal experience!



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