April 20, 2020

CB25 Spectra Precision Control Box

The CB25 Spectra Precision Control Box is the standard in the industry for proportional single 

Automatic laser control.  It is used to laser automate tile plows, box blades, trenchers, and other equipment to control an elevation cylinder.  A brief history on the CB25 is that Apache Technologies developed the CB26 Control Box and they were an OEM to both Spectra Precision and Futtura and made their Control Boxes.   The Apache CB26 and the Spectra Precision CB25 and the Futtura MCB2 are all the same Control Box, just different colors. Trimble bought Spectra Precision and Apache Technologies and discontinued the Apache model but they still make the Spectra Precision CB25 and the Futtura MCB2.  It is the same in Dual Control Boxes, the Spectra Precision CB52 and the Futtura MCB3 are the same Control Box. Quinn Equipment represents both models and continues to sell boxes, cable, and receivers for automatic laser control. https://manuals.plus/trimble/spectra-precision-laser-manual#axzz7ZTJRk456



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