Leica Rugby CLX 900 Dual Grade Laser

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The Leica Rugby CLI is easy to use and saves time by simplifying applications making you more productive and efficient. Its strong design ensures measurement accuracy and stability for your daily tasks. The handle is fixed to the base with distinctive sockets that highlight great rigidity and provide a secure mount to the base. The upgrade options allow for increased performance in all levelling applications.

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Horizontal one-button laser. Ideal for concrete and formwork levelling, land levelling, and machine control applications. Horizontal, and fully automatic dial-in (DG & MC) grade laser with invisible beam. +20rps for usage with machine control. + Multiple pairing (max. 5 laser with one Combo receiver).


Based on your needs, the new Rugby CL series is configured for any of your application needs - specifically for land leveling, excavation, rail, and daily construction applications. From simple grade checking, to slopes for ramps and driveways, to machine control, these lasers handle any task you need.


The Rugby CL series carries the highest standards of durability with its IP68/MIL-STD-810G military rating. This means that it can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, precipitation, and can even be submerged in water deeper than 1 meter. In addition, its new handle design ensures 360 degree shock protection - like a roll cage in NASCAR.


With the remote, the Rugby CL series becomes an easy-to-use, one-man device. Easily adjust setting on the fly without having to walk back and forth from the laser itself.


The new Rugby CL series rotating lasers run on powerful lithium-ion batteries. Not only do they last longer than alkaline batteries, but they also recharge faster than other type of rechargeable batteries. Our batteries also have a Fast Charge feature where a 1 hour charge will deliver about 8 hours of use. The average savings in battery cost are impressive and we know every little bit counts.


How to do Slope Catching with Leica Rugby CLX Laser



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