August 20, 2017

Pat's Experience at the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association's Midwest Expo & Field Day

I recently participated in the Iowa Land Improvement Contractors Association's Midwest Expo & Field Day. It's always an honor and a privilege to be associated with this group, as there are many other fine organizations throughout the various construction industries.

This event always amazes me with the amount of new equipment and technology that's on hand. It's super informative and very hands-on. I applaud the association for putting on a mock line strike seminar. What that entailed was going through a safety issue that had been violated, then a response on what needs to be done about it.

As we drive the highways, you'll see people working in fluorescent jackets. It's just a reminder to slow down and be safe out there as you travel through construction zones, especially during the busy end of vacation season.



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