Apache Bullseye 6 Machine Control Receiver

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Comes with rechargeable NiMH battery.

Professional Laser Receiver with Angle Compensation for Excavation (ACE). Angle compensation automatically calculates and corrects the grade display for the angle of the dipper arm. This allows the operator to check grade with the dipper arm extended or retracted up to 30 degrees significantly reducing time for excavation depth control.

Features and Benefits:

• The tallest: 22 cm of proportional vertical reception.
• 8 channels of grade information display in excavating mode; 7 channels in grading mode.
• Variety of selectable accuracy levels – meet your job requirements.
• Center On-grade – for grading operations – use on dozers, graders, scrapers, box blades. Offset On-grade – for productive excavation.
• Plumb indication built in – for quick and accurate grade checking for excavators and backhoes.
• Perfectly suitable for automatic blade control Tornado F1 or F2.
• When grade checking with activated ACE function you’ll save much time, as excavation depth can be controlled even with the dipper arm extended or retracted. You can also measure at 2 – 3 points before moving the machine.
• Quick one man set-up with magnetic mount MM-2 – no cables, no welding, on board batteries. BULLSEYE 6 can easily be moved from one machine to another.
• The advantage of its long vertical reception is a large area of above grade indication before on-grade, particularly in excavating mode.


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