Apache Bullseye 5+ Machine Control Receiver

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Versatile laser receiver for excavators with plumb indication and for grading machinery with blade tilt indication. Our Bullseye 5+ is an instrument for laser elevation control of grading work or excavation. It has all the features of Bullseye 3+, plus:

• Fully proportional photocells over the whole 17 cm of vertical reception window: This causes highly precise and smooth grading results, when used with automatic control Tornado F1 or F2.

• 3 selectable accuracies for each excavation or grading modes (on-grade locations).

• Tolerance of plumb or blade tilt indication is selectable: ± 0,5º, ± 1,5º, ± 2,5º.


LED blade tilt indication helps the operator keep the blade level. Can be set to match an existing or known grade (slope).


Plumb indication is built in for quick and accurate grade checking:

• Within range = solid display.

• Outside range = flashing display. Offset On-grade provides more information above grade utilizing the entire receiver for productive excavation.


• Apache Bullseye 5+ Machine Control Receiver With Rechargeable NiMH Battery: $1,795.00
• Apache Bullseye 5+ Machine Control Receiver With Alkaline Battery: $1,695.00


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