Apache Bullseye 3 + Machine Control Receiver

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Apache Bullseye 3+ Machine Control Laser Receiver – the classical laser receiver for grading and excavating machinery. Our Bullseye 3+ indicates laser elevation to control grading work or excavation.


• Apache Bullseye 3 + Machine Control Receiver With Rechargeable NiMH Battery: $1,395.00
• Apache Bullseye 3 + Machine Control Receiver With Alkaline Batteries: $1,295.00

Features and Benefits:

• For use on dozers, backhoes, excavators, box blades, trenchers, scrapers, and graders.
• Installs quickly with Magnetic Mount MM-2 or Dozer Magnetic Mount DMM-2.
• Alkaline Batteries.
• Adapts to grading and excavating machinery.
• Easy to see, super bright LED’s with green on-grade.
• Easy to move from one machine to another.
• Three selectable accuracies.
• Work from rough grading to final finishing.
• 5 channels of grade information.
• Directional out of beam indicators.
• 17 cm vertical reception height.


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